where did loft media group come from?

It all started in an actual loft atop an interior design firm. Being able to work close to the creative minds behind some of the most beautiful design work in California, we were energized to create something to assist other design mavens, and so Loft Media Group was born.

what services do you offer?

You can see exactly what we offer here. Our services are totally tailored to each client's needs, from total social media management to a sprinkling of savvy ghost-written blog posts.

Who do you work with?

Our heart belongs to the creative industry. From the design firm to the furniture brand and everyone in-between, we love assisting people in the lifestyle-enhancing industry. 


where are you located?

Sunny California. But with industry partners all over the US and our digital strategy services fully online, we can be readily available for clients anywhere.

what's your process?

Each service is tailor-made for our clients, but our approach typically goes a little something like this: You (the client) receive a complementary 45-minute consultation. This can be via the phone, video, or in-person over a latte. You let us know where your'e struggling, what you're trying to build, and we look at the areas where we can help. After that, we give you a proposal with a menu of our services and pricing. Once we've come up with perfect solution for you, we get down to business!

where can I get a question answered that wasn't here?

Shoot us a message and we'll be happy to help.