How to Set Goals for Your Business with Social Media

There are few things that show a quicker return on your investment than consistently posting and engaging on social media. The instantaneous comments, likes, follows, and shares start pouring in as soon as your business becomes more engaged and committed.

Whether you're looking to sell a new product, get new clients, or maintain relevance, social media can add that extra push your business needs. Here are five common goals you can set with social media (and measure with social media, too!)

Bring in the Benjamins

That's right: Social media can equal big bucks when done correctly. For your design business, platforms like Facebook have call to action buttons that allow you to advertise certain posts with the goal of driving sales. Additionally, Instagram is perfect for advertising sales, clearance events, and promotions. When working on your social media (or talking to your social adviser about your goals), focus on verbiage that reinforces your sales pitches or services, and be sure to be ultra-responsive to clients with questions or concerns about your product.

Increase Your Visibility

Let's face it: The interior design industry is a little crowded. With so many designers, decorators, stagers, sellers, and vendors competing for wallet share, it can become exhausting elbowing our way to the front of the social media line the organic way. If your goal for your business' social media is to increase your visibility, you're in luck. Use popular hashtags that apply to your ideal client's niche, engage via meaningful comments and descriptions, and show a little personality whenever you can. Additionally, you can pay-to-play on most social channels, but be warned: Engagement and profile viewings will significantly decline once you stop paying for your posts to be seen.

Reel in New Clients

Many times, interior design services and creative brands are referred via word-of-mouth. While reliable and often successful, this type of marketing will ebb and flow depending on how your current business is doing (slow month = slow word-of-mouth). Social media is a great tool for reaching prospective clients that may not have heard of you, or are on the brink of looking for your services. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter all have targeted ad options that allow you to customize your audience. You can reach people who make $300k a year, have red hair, and only shop at Barney's if you really want to, or cast a wider net and just look for people who have graduated college and live in Delaware-- Completely up to you.

Establish Your Credibility

Being a part of a noisy industry, establishing credibility is as important, if not more important, than being front of mind for your customers. Interior design is a very personal, thoughtful business that is tailored to every single client. There isn't one prospective client who is looking for a designer on social media that doesn't think, "Can I trust this person to create a beautiful home?" Use your social media profiles to build credibility by posting pictures of completed projects, interviews with trade publications, articles you've contributed to, and real-life shots of spending time with your clients. Use a friendly-yet-authoritative tone of voice when crafting social posts, and be kind and honest when replying to comments and messages-- Your clients will thank you.

Find Your Tribe (And Connect With Them)

If there's one thing social media is used for every single day, its making connections. Whether you're a textile company on the hunt for the perfect brand partnership, or a designer ready to expand their business into a different part of town, social media can help bridge gaps, and people. When using social media to build a community, it's important to offer tools and resources that your audience can use while still depending on you for more information. Give too much information and they'll take your resources and run. Give too little information and they'll be left in the dark (and may think you're unsure of what you're talking about). Strike a balance between personal and professional and let them know that you're in their corner with thoughtful comments, relevant hashtags, behind-the-scenes shots, and in-depth blogs shared across multiple social platforms. And make sure you CONNECT-- Social media is a two-way street!

Which business goals have you set for yourself? Are you combining different goals and objectives to create a unique experience? We'd love to know!