How Interior Designers are Getting Noticed on Instagram

Have you ever logged onto Instagram and thought to yourself, "How does So-And-So have 120 likes already? Didn't she just post that?"

If so, you're not alone. Now that Instagram has implemented several algorithm changes, a shadow ban, and user-generated feeds, getting noticed, liked, and interacted with is a whole different ball game than when the visuals-driven social network first rolled out.

Now, to be truly successful on Instagram, business owners and brands have to jump through a few fiery hoops in the name of social media success. Interior designers specifically have to ensure that their content is being noticed and spread because the industry depends so much on someone's ability to empathize with a design or aesthetic. 

Back to So-And-So from earlier. She's probably doing a little more than the average Instagram user, and for good reason. Instagram is a fantastic lead generator, tool to measure engagement, content promoter, and all-in-all excellent way to market your business on the cheap. Here are a few ways that interior designers are getting noticed on this super important platform.


And not the ones that Instagram is supplying. Time and time again, users are flocking to interior design feeds that are consistently beautiful. That means if your aesthetic is black and white, then your Instagram better reflect it. Interior designers are using filters from apps like Snapseed and VSCO to create beautiful and creatively consistent images that warrant a double-tap. More double-taps = more engagement = higher chance of being noticed organically.


Instagram Stories requires a how-to all it's own for the fact that it's almost officially won over Snapchat's original audience. This real-time, recorded, visual supplement to Instagram allows users to take videos, add GIF's, and create pictures that tell stories and disappear within 24-hours. The best part is, it's instant. 

Interior designers that are successful on Instagram are weekly (sometimes daily) heading to Instagram Stories to give followers a sneak peek of a new project, a behind-the-scenes shot of an install, or a real-life moment that makes them seem a little more approachable. And we all want to be more approachable.


Instagram is not a one-size-fits-all platform. Instead, it's a follow-these-rules-and-you-might-get-discovered platform. In order to 'hack' the algorithm, you must create a schedule.

First, check and see when your followers are most engaged. Next, decide which days are best for posting. #ThrowBackThursday? #FridayFeeling? Lastly, implement and record. If you've decided Friday at noon is the best time to post, then stick with it for a few weeks and check your stats in a month. 


I hope this doesn't rain on your parade, but some of the best social media stars in the interior design business are outsourcing their networks. While that may sound intimidating, it really isn't. Should you decide to partner with a social media management firm (ahem), you would simply supply the content like pictures, your company's branding and messaging, and sit back and relax. 

Hiring a social media management firm not only takes the weight off of your shoulders, leaving more time for actual interior design rather than staging for social media, but gives your brand a more professional, tailored look and feel. Followers will be able to look forward to a curated quilt, a consistent aesthetic, smart messaging, and a schedule they can stick to. 

P.S. There's a ton of ROI for social media. New clients. New brand partnerships. New traffic. The possibilities are endless!

Are you an interior designer or creative brand looking for assistance creating and posting daily social messages? We might know someone who can help.