A Recap of Architectural Digest Design Show 2017

While we were boots on the ground in sunny California, our NY correspondent, Abby, stopped by the East Coast design mecca that was the Architectural Digest Design Show to do a quick run-through and dish on the latest design details the show had to offer.

Crazy for Coyote

We may be a little bias (peep at our client list), but Coyote Outdoor Living gave a strong performance at this year's AD Design Show. Debuting its brand new electric grill, the outdoor living experts showcased their go-to grilling appliances in a timelessly styled patio scene complete with a grill, their famous Asado Cooker, the electric grill, and accessories. Just being near the booth had our mouths watering and brains cycling through favorite grill recipes.

A Little Off Centre

The mixed media mavens at Off Centre quickly caught our eye as we walked through the show. There's something to be said for brands that force designers and members of the press to stop in their tracks and tilt their heads to analyze just what they're looking at. Off Centre is a New York-based design company applying deconstructive methodologies to produce a line of lighting and functional glasswares. In layman's terms: A super cool glass company that warps and wrinkles glass to create textured and visually stunning works of art via vessels and ornate fixtures. 

A Sawyer Made Style Situation

Our blogger gal was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, ready to discover something fresh and new, not knowing she'd stumble on a classic reworking a popular piece of furniture used by all in the industry. Sawyer Made is a family-operated company specializing in Windsor chairs and fine woodworking. The chairs are crafted using timeless techniques but given an updated spin with different finishes, updating them a little from that of your grandparents, and their grandparents. 

Did you make it to the AD Design Show? Which brands were you admiring? Let us know in the comments below!